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Shopping for prom dresses is a thrill. Young ladies like to try on styles and designs. Some take their search even further and go online. Barring a few cases of expectations versus reality shock, it isn’t a bad idea. Yes, you will have to convert from familiar sizes, and study various sizing charts. But it gives you far more options. And if your new dress is not quite perfect yet, there’s a fix for that.


Buy alteration-friendly prom dresses:


Look at prom dresses in your size or slightly bigger with two or more inches’ seam allowance. If you are a different size on the top and bottom (most people are), the rule of thumb says to go by your biggest circumference. But if the difference between measurements is too big, see if you can compromise: it may be wiser to let out an inch somewhere than have to take in too much elsewhere.


Give your new dress a bespoke appearance


With simple styles and designs, there may be just a fewquick fixes and you are good to go. Prom dresses with no waist made from rectangular or flared panels can be done in one fitting session. Floaty dresses often look trendy and have a slimming effect.


Note: Two or three months ahead are ideal for a formal wear consultation session. Dresses with beading, embroidery and other embellishments take time to be completed.


Empire waist and A-line prom dresses are similar in terms of alterations. During the first session we determine if the waistline hits at the right place or needs to be tucked in, and pin the bodice. Eventually, we can take up the hem, if necessary.

Mermaid or trumpet, otherwise called fit-and-flare, prom dresses are increasingly popular. They look so grown-up. But the dramatic silhouette is not for everyone. Such creations require more alterations for a snug fit so that you need not hitch up the bodice all the time. If the upper part is too long for you, altering it actually means re-positioning the darts. Seek a more suitable piece.

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