Bridesmaid Dresses

When a friend asks you to assist her on the big day, it is an honor and a task. Of course, no one expects of you the same elaborateness as of the bride to whom eyes will be riveted. But yours and other bridesmaids’ dresses become a part of her image.


Finding identical ready-to-wear dresses for several girls with different dimensions sounds like a tough call. But hiring a bespoke tailor is a long and costly road to something you will put on once. The stores carry a wide variety of shapes and styles to choose from. Pick out a suitable design, buy dresses close to the party’s individual sizes and bring them to be customized. It is possible to buy cute bridesmaid dresses online, especially if there is enough time before the event.


Common alterations on bridesmaid dresses


Although bridesmaid dresses are less complicated than wedding gowns, the overall amount of work on several pieces may be equal or more. Book the first fitting early and preferably together.

Many bridesmaid dresses have a figure-hugging bodice and a gathered, A-line or full skirt. These silhouettes are popular because they look flattering on most girls. Such dresses are manufactured with long waists, with consideration for different heights and female figures. So the seamstress often has to raise waistlines for petite girls. She will pick out the seam, cut off the excess fabric and stitch up the parts again. Then she can go on to fix the width at the bust and the waist. After that, we will take up the shoulders or shorten the straps, so they fit snugly. Finally, we may adjust the hemline.


Note: Do not forget you must bring along the right shoes, underwear and shapewear.


Fit and flare gowns look well on bridesmaids who are approximately the same size and height. Alterations on this type of bridesmaid dresses may require taking in/letting out at the bust, waist and hips. If the bodice of a mermaid or trumpet gown is too long for you, do not buy it: to fix it means to reposition the darts and seams, or practically re-cut the piece.


Click our section on prom dresses for some other silhouettes.

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