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So, you have decided to exchange wedding vows with the person you love? Congratulations! May it mark the beginning of a blissful and happy marriage! Set the nuptial magic in motion: let us help you breeze down the aisle flawlessly in a dress your guests will recall as one of the loveliest bridal gowns they have seen.

Note:Did you happen to hear that over 90% of all bridal gowns which weren’t custom-tailored for a particular woman, need alterations?

It does not matter where it comes from: a high-end bridal salon or a nearby retail outlet. Unless your waist, bust, hips and other measurements exactly match sizing charts, finding a perfect ready-made wedding gown is quite difficult. Even if you were a fit model, your off-the rack garment would still benefit from some nip and tuck to achieve the same quality we see in various lists of most beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous, you name it wedding outfitsever.

Here is how bridal gowns alterations work

An ideal gown fits the bride like a glove. For this reason, some manufacturers make them a tad smaller than the tag states. But getting married in a tight dress is not an option. Although, many factory-made bridal gowns have generous seam allowances, it’s preferable to take them in rather than let out. Add a size when shopping, yet keep within a reasonable range of your circumferences. A skilled seamstress will be able to size down a couple of sizes, depending on style and embellishments. But, as a rule, we advise against too complex alterations.Book a consultation several months in advance: it may take more than one fitting session.

Note: Bring along the undergarments and shoes that you are going to wear on the day, so we can pin the gown accordingly. Wrong shoes or bra can make a difference up to an inch or two!

Since few ready-to-wear bridal gowns with layers and trains have bustles in place, adding them also falls to an alteration specialist. A bustling system is used to hold the fabric up after the ceremony and photos.

For more info about some common alterations, visit our sections on bridesmaid and prom dresses.

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